Theater by Jente van Heeringen and Jurana Pižeta


  • Croatian people started to write plays around the 11th century
  • One of the first known plays performed in Croatian language: Cyrus in solium vocatur (1766)
Cyrus in solium vocatur

Historical Playwright

  • Marin Držić (1508 - 1567) is the best-known Croatian historical playwright
  • His best works: Dundo Maroje, Novela od Stanca
Marin Držić
Dundo Maroje

Modern Playwright

  • Miro Gavran (born in 1961) is one of the best-known Croatian modern playwrights
  • Some of his best plays: Kad umire glumac, Zabranjeno smijanje
Miro Gavran
Kad umire glumac

Stilske Vježbe (Exercises in Style by Raymond Queneau)

  • Since 1968
  • The longest running play in the world with the same cast: Lela Margitić and Pero Kvrgić
Stilske Vježbe

Kauboji (Cowboys by Saša Anočić)

  • One of the most popular plays in Croatia
  • 8 seasons, over 400 performances, 17 awards
  • Theatre Exit, Zagreb (

Croatian National Theatre (Hrvatsko narodno kazalište), Zagreb

Croatian National Theatre