Street Dance by SmArt Teenagers

About Street Dance

  • Street dance, formally known as vernacular dance, refers to dance styles that evolved outside of dance studios
  • Street dancers perform in open spaces such as streets, dance parties, block parties, parks, school yards, raves, and nightclubs
  • Improvisational and social in nature
  • Encourages interaction and contact with spectators and other dancers

Street Dance Show in Zadar, Croatia


  • International dance competition
  • Different dance disciplines including hip-hop and breakdance
  • The DanceStar World Tour is held in different countries around the world and the DanceStar Finals takes place in Poreč, Croatia
  • Over 5000 dancers from more then 20 countries came to Poreč in May 2016

TransForm, Zagreb

  • Dance studio
  • Representatives of Croatia on the World Dance Masters 3 years in a row

Flash Mob

  • Can be seen in malls, squares, and some public exhibitions