Comics by Femke Warmoltz and Lara Leko

Dutch Comic Con

  • Since 2015 in Utrecht
  • Covers comics, movies, cartoons and games
  • Every year on several locations famous comic artists meet and draw for public
  • Both Dutch and international artists meet and sell their art
  • Two day Cosplay Contest
Dutch Comic Con
Dutch Comic Con
Dutch Comic Con

History of Comics in The Netherlands

  • The first Dutch comics appeared after the World War I
  • After World War II the Toonder studio started making newspaper strips, the so-called “beeldromans”

  • In the 50s there were more newspaper comics such as Pa pinkelman, Jimmy Brown and Professor Pi

In the 60s:
  • Pop art
  • The first ‘Day of the strip ‘ that was held in 1968
  • Comics magazines: ‘Pep’, ‘Tina’

  • In the 70s usual themes were parodies on political and social issues (Peter van Straaten)

Most popular comics in the 80s:
  • Familie Doorzon
  • Sjef van Oekel
  • Katoen en Pinball

Dutch comics in the 21st century:
  • Artful comics

Comic magazines:
  • Zone 5300
  • De stripper
  • Sjors en Sjimmie

The Most Famous Comics

Henz (written by Rene Windig and Eddie de Jong)

Sigmund (Peter de Wit)

Fokke and Sukke (Reid, Geleijnse and van Tol)