Fashion Design by Petra Gojević and Pleun van der Veek


Matija Vuica

  • 1981: her first collection in Zagreb
  • She makes evening dresses, bridal dresses and costumes
  • Lots of famous Croatian people wear her clothes
Matija Vuica

Vjeko Franetović and Nikica Ivančević

  • 2004: they started a brand eNVy room
  • The first Croatian designers who made a bridal collection

Ivan Tandarić and Aleksandar Šekuljica

  • 2009: started their brand ELFS
  • Their slogan is: ’Nice clothes for the nice people.’

Ana Maria Ricov

  • She went to GTB
  • She makes everything by hand
  • Now she works in Italian school of fashion „Callegari”
Ana Maria Ricov

Neckties (Cravats)

  • Croatian contribution to the fashion
  • Croatian soldiers were the first to wear ties
  • French king Lui XIII loved the elegance of the ties
  • Ties became popular in Europe and later the whole world
  • October 18 = World Cravat Day