Comics by Lara Leko and Femke Warmoltz

Crtani Romani Šou

  • Zagreb Internatiolnal Comics Festival
  • It hosts guests from around the world
  • Every year on several locations famous comic artists meet and draw for public
Crtani Romani Šou
Crtani Romani Šou

The Most Famous Artists

Andrija Maurovic (1901 - 1981)

  • Started his career in 1930
  • Father of Croatian comics
  • Most famous comics: „Crni jahač” (The Black Rider), „Podzemna carica” (Empress of the Netherworld)

Ivica Bednjanec (1934 – 2011)

  • Started his career in the late 1950s
  • Famous comic artist, poet and writer
  • Best known for his two serials that ran for more than 30 years in the magazine Modra lasta: “Osmoškolci” and “Genije” (Genius)

Darko Macan (1966)

  • Writer, illustrator and editor
  • Founder and editor-in-chief of the comics magazine Q-strip (2003 – 2013)
  • Famous comics: „Borovnica” (Blueberry), „Mister Mačak“ (Mr. Meow)

Edvin/Eddy Biuković (1969 – 1999)

  • made his debut in 1987 with the comic “Dokaz” (Proof)
  • In 1994 a big comics publisher Dark Horse published Grendel Tales: Devils and Deaths, a collaboration with his good friend Macan

Sonja Gašperov (1982)

  • Painter, illustrator and writer
  • Author of “Vučine” series