Art Education in Croatia by SmArt Teenagers

Types of Art Education

  • In Croatia, art education includes fine arts (painting, sculpture, architecture, music) and performing arts (theatre and dance)
  • After elementary school, students have a chance to attend different types of secondary art schools, e.g. music schools, dance schools...
  • Later on, students can continue their education in art studies

Art Schools

Zagreb music schools

  • Vatroslav Lisinski
  • Pavao Markovac
  • Blagoje Bersa
  • Zlatko Baloković
  • Glazbeno učilište „Elly Bašić“
  • Rock academy

Zagreb dance schools

  • School of classical ballet
  • School of modern dance „Ana Maletić”

Art Academies

Academy of Music, University of Zagreb

Academy of Music in Pula, Juraj Dobrila University

Osijek Art Academy, University of Osijek

Split Art Academy, University of Split

Academy of Fine Arts Zagreb

Academy of Dramatic Art, University of Zagreb